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Innovative Pain Treatments

The most critical step in the treatment of spine-related pain is the precise diagnosis and localization of the source of pain. At Cascade Interventional Pain Center, we diagnose problems using x-ray equipment in our state-of-the-art fluoroscopic suite. We then recommend safe, effective treatments that will alleviate the pain.

Cervical, Thoracic, & Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural steroid injection is an injection of steroids into the epidural space to decrease nerve irritation from herniated discs, narrowed spinal canals, and nerve root canals. Epidural steroids can be very effective for control of nerve pain due to nerve irritation from any of the above causes.

Cervical, Thoracic, & Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection

The Transforaminal ESI (epidural steroid injection) is a more selective injection technique into the epidural space. It targets the area where the nerves emerge from the nerve root canals. The transforaminal approach allows more targeted placement of the medication.

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X-Ray Results

Cervical, Thoracic, & Lumbar Selective Nerve Root Injection

A selective nerve root injection is similar to the transforaminal epidural steroid injection, except that the spread of the contrast and steroid is limited to the nerve root without spreading into the epidural space.

Cervical & Lumbar Medial Branch Block/Facet Injection

A MBB (Medial Branch Block)/Facet Injection is an injection under x-ray guidance that targets either the nerve supplying the facet joint or the facet joint itself.

Cervical, Thoracic, & Lumbar Facet Rhizotomy

A cervical, thoracic, or lumbar rhizotomy is a procedure that destroys facet nerves by using heat generated by radio-frequency energy to decrease chronic pain emanating from the facet joints.

Cervical, Thoracic, & Lumbar Discography

Discography is a diagnostic procedure that confirms or denies the disc(s) as a source of the patient's pain.

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IDET (Intra-Discal Electrothermal Therapy)

Intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET) is a minimally invasive procedure in which controlled levels of thermal energy (heat) are applied to a broad section of the affected disc wall for discogenic back pain. The heat contracts disc collagen to destroy nociceptors in the disc.

Percutaneous Disc Decompression

Percutaneous disc decompression is a procedure performed to remove intradiscal tissue, which may relieve painful pressure on the surrounding nerves. This treatment is effective for many people with a contained disc herniation and leg pain. It is a simple procedure that does not require surgery, and recovery time is usually just one day. Many patients notice improvement almost immediately.